“Winners attract Winners”
Project Academy is designed for the future COO and CEO of the Company

Project Academy

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“The Culture cannot copy”

Innovation and change management must succeed in a vision of web 3.0. Leading organizations request to follow the logics and competencies required by the change management models. HR must hold the best people within the R&D group and encourage the talented employees.

Project Academy focuses on HR and Strategic initiatives, working in a complex and global way.

To establish the Quality and Excellence Culture, we have improved learning & communication by creating and developing e-learning training material, remote coaching and blogs. Lean Six Sigma e-Clubs and Lean in Finance Communities (LINF) create connections between students, professionals and companies.

You can use our competitive and updated database of Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management and Innovation Methods & Tools, enriched with the expertise of our partner companies.

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Academy with Global Network

  • Link the project financial results to the company P&L
  • Coordinate global teams with a standard method
  • Manage different companies interests and need
  • Control the best practices aligned to the excellence standards
  • Improve your working flexibility

Project Academy Benefits

 Effective cost: more affordable than the cost of most consultants for 1 day.

 Self-Paced Learning: online training allows you to learn at your own pace.

 Kaizen case study video: learn from real life Kaizen events, and save money and time (there is no need to travel).

 Learning materials: Pdf's, Excel templates, Quizzes, Simulation are downloadable or available on DVD’s.

 Continuous Learning: new training content added on a regular basis.

 Ask the Doctor and Ask the Community: we support you constantly in your learning process.