The Financial Lean Six Sigma Engineer provides the best practices of Lean Six Sigma to the world's leading businesses, organizations and institutions, helping them to improve Performance and achieve Sustainable Excellence.

Benefits for industries

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Instantly train your employees and gain front-line visibility across your organization in order to build a smarter, faster and a more competitive company.


Work Efficiently, Run Lean Six Sigma Project Faster

In order to line up and become more efficient one must lengthen the front-line visibility across the company.

Stay constantly up-to-date with your employees, customers and partners. Drive your business forward and faster with Lean in Finance Community. LINF


Lead with Precision and Impact

Instantly share your vision with the entire organization. Align every employee to a common mission. Set trends, sustain a company culture, and be a better leader.


Engage and Inspire

Improve your calibration and assertiveness; actively interact with employees, with transparency. Drag them into a contagious sharing of ideas and resources committed to maintain a dynamic community.


Energize Top Talent

Cultivate an all-star team by facilitating discussion and recognizing achievements. Uncover hidden talent and nurture future leaders.


Win More Deals, Faster

Mobilize your agents and accelerate the sales cycle by connecting your talent, your teams and your technologies from coast to coast.

Shorten the sales cycle by giving sales representatives instant access to relevant resources, contacts and content. Connect your sales team on Lean in Finance to close deals, to obtain project information and maintain their customers


Connect Coast to Coast

Bring sales reps together to compare tactics and share competitive insights. Access your entire organization in a second and give sales representatives what they need, when they need it.


Coordinate with Contacts

Communicate with customers and collaborate with partners on Community LINF networks to build stronger, more productive relationships.


Stay Connected in the Field

Keep your team constantly connected to coworkers, industries and customers with Community LINF’s mobile applications for iPhone Android and Blackberry


Drive Operation Efficiency and On-time Delivery

Increase Operations Efficiency, enable cross-company collaboration and integrate your Business Process Culture Methodology in a Standard ecosystem without any adoption obstacles, installations or manual upgrades.

Lean in Finance Community helps you gain extraordinary business agility and provides solid collaboration within the entire company. It streamlines tasks and manages implementations within your Improvement team so you can free up resources.


Complete Projects Faster

Facilitate teamwork with Lean Six Sigma Projects, track execution and ease communication across complex LEAN IT projects. Get a project started and completed more rapidly thanks to an online and continuous updated database of best practices, completed projects and case studies running in different industries around the world. For the database please check the Lean in Finance Community at the following Link...


Maximize Resources’ Efficiency

Build a knowledge-based Methodology to eliminate redundancy and archive system expertise. Empower employees to find answers, ideas and solutions, independently, with a tool they will voluntarily adopt. For the LEAN and SIX SIGMA Tools FREE database available online, please check the Lean in Finance Community at the following Link...


Transform Existing Investments

Increase employee engagement with Lean in Finance Community, LINF networks and other business applications, by adding social and mobile capabilities. Enable employees to find content across our entire Lean Six Sigma ecosystem with Universal Search.

Keep your team constantly connected to coworkers, industries and customers with Community LINF’s mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


Boost performance and productivity by connecting your company to the Lean in Finance Community.

Engage employees, inspire innovation and reward top talent building an empowered and connected company community.


Recognize & Reward

Identify and recognize in a transparent manner the achievements of your employees in a social network and individuate those with more influence in the company.


Accelerate Learning and Development

Promote formal and informal peer-to-peer learning within the company.

Communicate more clearly, collaborate more quickly and align your entire organization without the need to call a meeting or send an e-mail.


Improve your communication

Lean in Finance Community instantly improves the communication within your entire organization and helps you achieve greater organizational adjustments. Through a faster content creation and approval cycles with real-time collaboration, your corporate communication will become faster, more explicit and more relevant.


Eliminate Mixed Messages

Speak in one voice by aligning internal and external messages across the organization.


Create Content Faster

Accelerate approval cycles, streamline communication and simultaneously work on documents without a single e-mail.


Communicate Effectively

Instantly deliver important announcements and gather feedback across the organization.


Collaborate with Global Teams and Global Lean Six Sigma Clubs

Work more efficiently with partners and Institutions on LINF BTB networks.

Transform Your Marketing Strategy and Execution.

Revolutionize the ways you plan and execute go-to-market strategies. Develop uniform messaging and empower your employees and customers to become Lean Six Sigma and Excellence ambassadors.


Go Viral

Engage your customers on our BTB Lean in Finance corporate network to transform them into brand followers and stimulate viral awareness.


Collaborate on Content

Work together to create, edit and approve content without the need to call a meeting or write an e-mail.

This efficient social community tool will support you in creating campaigns, defining strategy and speeding up your marketing team.

Innovate effortlessly, instantly and multiple-resource implying

Drive innovation and connect your team on Lean in Finance Community to spark conversations and crowd-source innovation. Collaborate openly and efficiently to reduce work cycles and promote original concepts.


Innovate Faster

Surf and discuss best ideas with every employee in the company, any opinion can be constructive!


Increase Project Efficiency

Enable teams and partners to collaborate and meet program objectives on time and on budget.


Connect with Customers

Capture the voices of your customers and partners to get their feedback in an efficient and engaging way.

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