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Innovative Solutions

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Considering the method, tools and regulations coming from the TOP 500 Fortune Companies’ needs, the innovation development must succeed in a vision of environmental web 3.0. We have the network, relationships, talent, best practice, tools and methods to help your business grow fast in such a flexible and dynamic market settlement.

We suggest several solutions:

Lean Assessment: using BRM and SPM we can help you analyze your company’s cash flow, identify the gaps and appreciate the priority projects, in order to rapidly improve your company processes (RIP delivers results in 90-120 days and generally produces a 5X-10X return of the investment).

Lean IT Solution: Improve the ERP system to analyze the company’s data; it doesn’t need to be customized or integrated new modules, but to be run by a user with an appropriate IT knowledge.

Lean Banking: Lean Banking focuses to satisfy clients expectations, by developing the best practices and innovating the process execution. Applying lean principles and tools in banking determines lower costs, less risk, improved products, upgraded speed in operating and high quality customer support. Simplicity is the key to efficiency, either we talk about message, delivery process or product design; it entails a faster decision-taking process in a very competitive society.

“Agility, Performance and Profit throughout the Process”

Lean Project Management: Operational Excellence Program Model needs referral tools, methods and ratios to measure the ROI of the work done in merging and acquisition projects or continuous improvement projects and initiatives. We help business in Balance Scorecard building.

Lean Health Care: It becomes necessary to increase efficiency in hospitals because of the inherent waste into the processes.

In healthcare, when a patient is examined by a doctor, and they make an X-ray or a blood test (services that allow the patient to be successfully treated), they must wait for their turn, wait for two weeks the results of the radiography and for other two weeks the blood report. It generally takes about a month until the patient receives the test results. The time wasted in queue, waiting for the results or during the way to the hospital is all non-value and a source of stress for the patient.

Steps implementation methodology in order to restore efficiency in the healthcare field:

  • Checking and mapping of the internal processes flow
  • Identification of waste areas
  • Finding solutions to determinate and improve the core indicators
  • Quantitative assessment of the risk
  • Enrichment method application
  • Quantitative asessment of the benefits created
  • Improvement and consolidation in monitoring the indicators
  • Implementation on the best practices.

Lean for Green: It is a new and relevant concept as it deals with energy saving, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and waste reduction. These are intensely discussed issues as there is an increasing debate on the environmental waste and, like any other waste, it represents a cost to companies. Their reduction is therefore an opportunity to reduce costs, improve the 'corporate image’ and, ultimately, to expand the reserves.

The Lean methods have traditionally focused on increasing the flexibility, efficiency and production speed without reaching the environmental issues. Using the same powerful tools, the Lean & Green methodology also cares about the impact of the business processes over the environment.

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