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Innovation in Digital Transformation

The course has been designed to help Managers learn the application frontiers of Lean Six Sigma, Robotics, AI and Automation to easily solve any Business problem and make an important contribution to improving EBITDA.

Our experts will help you plan an effective deployment strategy, identify projects and teams and explain the benefits and benchmarks in your industry.

Registration Fee Includes
7 Webinar of 3hrs each of live training and workshop with practical examples
A set of electronic documentation covered during the training

The participant will be able to apply techniques related to capture the voice of the customer and translate into product or service development requirements, learning  invention methods and tools with practical application examples. Moreover the participant will get practical example of RPA adoption across processes and industries, learn what process should automate and how to benefit a rapid ROI through processes that passed Lean Six Sigma and digital transformation initiative.

Course Venue
ONLINE - Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Limited places subject to availability.

Lean Six Sigma Excellence AWARD

22-06-20219:30 am -4:00 pm
4 LSS AWARD 2021

The event will be broadcast "live" on Lean In Finance TV and Lean In Finance social channels, in private (password protected).
Speakers and participants will have the opportunity to connect remotely or be present and interact in the same way as a live broadcast.

Thanks to a remote control room we can control each connection individually and proceed with the event, according to the schedule.
We will insert any video contribution (previously produced or live) and any type of file in all formats (PPT, PDF, etc.).
Each guest could be in Milan or could join connect from their own location (anywhere in the world) with the director who will send the transmission through a link.
Each speaker could be in Milan or could be in audio connection with the control room, for all service communications and to coordinate the progress of the event schedule (without obviously interfering with the recording or airing).

The number of seats in the conference room is limited to no. 30 participants.
For registration modalities, click on this event.

Presentation of the best LEAN SIX SIGMA projects executed in the following categories:


Tavola Rotonda “ Data Driven Process Redesign “ 

Premiazione LSS Leader dell’anno
Premiazione LSS Corporate University
Premiazione dei vincitori per le varie categorie
Certificazioni delle nuove Master Black Belt

Compreso, pranzo di networking

Free event for participants (accommodation and travel expenses are not included)

Do you want to attend the award ceremony?
Submit your projects before May 31, 2021.

For single or group registration, click on this event for details.
Limited places subject to availability.
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