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Welcome to the Lean Six Sigma in Finance Association Tools & Templates library


The most useful tools are available now to be accessed and downloaded from our online store.

Our selected Tool Box refers to the following methodologies:


Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Change Management


Smartphone App (tool) x 2

Download the I-phone and I-pad Apps directly from the Apple Store or use this link.


The Lean in Finance Calculator is a combination of various Lean and Six Sigma tools:

The Takt Time Calculator is the part designed to be used as a tool for professional process analysts familiar with the principles of Lean Banking Methodology. This easy-to-operate calculator determines how many items need to be completed at regular intervals in order to meet the customer’s need (Peace Time).

The Takt Time Calculator will assist computing the operational Takt Times, performing calculations (FTE’s) for your target process organization, so that the graphics show the situation you are facing and the areas of improvement. The Sigma Level Calculator for Variable data and Attribute data is designed to calculate the sigma level of any process with 2 special sigma-level calculators, one for Variable data and one for Attribute data. You can also evaluate your Process Efficiency (FTY).

The next generation of Smartphone and Tablet Tools as “Lean in Finance Navigator” are coming soon in Phase II.

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