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Certification Lean Six Sigma

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Lean in Finance Project Academy, in collaboration with SSA&Company, offers training courses and Lean Six Sigma International Certifications for Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts.

The Lean Six Sigma Certification is necessary for professionals that work in Operation, IT, Organization, Finance, Quality, Logistics, HR and Supply Chain and it creates Professional Growth and International Career Opportunities.

Moreover, it fulfills the needs of continuing education and career advancement.


Lean Six Sigma Certification

Once the training program completed, the Commission authorizes the release of the certificate of competences signed by David Niles, President of SSA & Company.

SSA&Company preserves the issued Certificates in a database so that certification does not expire.

Certified people's names become part of the worldwide register in Lean Six Sigma Methodology.


Why choose us?

SSA&COMPANY is a consulting organization that has helped hundreds of companies, from the largest leader companies in the world to the smallest private equity investments, to improve their operating mode. Founded as Six Sigma Academy, in 1994, by the fathers of Lean Six Sigma Methodology, it has gained billions of dollars in tangible benefits for our customers through optimization of process management, resulting in higher profits, revenue growth, costs management, and a more efficient use of capital.

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