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Lean in Finance

Initiatives for operational cost optimization reducing corporate low-value processes

Rather than other inefficient methods of cutting costs, we recommend to restart and upgrade a deeper analysis of all budget items reviewing the spending processes:

  • Reorganize the "business plan" for each central administration: define objectives, resources, time and verification methods.
  • Set normal benchmarks for services and provide effective evaluation of the results; reinforce the indicators of the various facilities efficiency (offices, factories, hospitals, courts)
  • Develop mechanisms to assess the suitability of the overall cost for each item (zero-based budgeting).
  • Increase the efficiency of the CEO and clear some time to create value for the company (planning and control, analysis, risk management, monitor performance) by simplifying the processes, optimizing decisional process and streamlining low-added-value transactional activities (data entry, balancing, error correction).
  • Design transactional processes according to the business needs evaluation to maximize the analytical process efficiency and business decision-making process

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